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Writing Team

The writing team at Word Quotient deserves much appreciation for the work it does from a well webbed network of such diverged writers. It is true that a dedicated team forms the spine of an organization and gives it its long standing quality. We are proud of this unrelenting team with its hunger to learn, to be criticised and to deliver the best.

Business Writing Team
This bunch of people are highly self-critical, bursting with questions and love to hit the nail on its head. They thrive on research and writing.
Experience: Apart from working with Word Quotient for 2 years and lesser for some, they each come with their decades of toil in the industry. This is a team of both young and mature writers who submerge themselves into extensive research, analysis and writing. Together this team of enthusiasts has 8 decades of writing experience to rely on. The direction they take on each project right from initiation to completion is admirable, with each one unique in its own way and perfectly catering to the client’s need.
Expertise: Among these writers we have the talent for company profile writing, white paper writing, press release writing, website content writing, brochure writing, newsletter writing, case study writing, user manual writing, ebook writing, product description writing and blog writing.

Creative Writing Team
Eccentric in their own right but fantastic with their work is the best way to describe this team.
Each come with their special styles of creative writing.
Experience: They are never at a dearth for creative ideas or innovation. It’s always about ‘why not try this’ until rebutted by ‘no this is better’. Energy that flows incessantly drives this team to achieve the wonders it does for Word Quotient. Creative minds with 5 decades of experience in the creative arena is what this team explodes with. In these years not one creative project of ours has looked like another.
Expertise: Creative sparks who excel at travel writing, ad copy writing, magazine article writing and review writing.

Script Writing Team
The people who treat all our audio-visual senses. They are enigmatic but their writing is in the least bit obscure.
Experience: They can write away for a lifetime. Dialogues, soliloquies, perfect endings, comedies, jingles, voice-overs et al is what they turn their fingers sore for.  This team has 2 decades of scripting behind them and practically need no resume. Without them entertainment would lack so much.
Expertise: Documentary script writing, radio script writing, tv show script writing, movie script writing, script writing for corporate and social events.

Proofreading Team
Rare is the eye that observes is what we believe at Word Quotient. Being observant or critical is not for everyone.
Experience: Our team of proofreaders are a godsend without them perfection would never have been achieved on any of our projects. This team manages their work with such finesse thanks to their 2 decades of perfecting. Typos, spelling errors and structural deformities are quick to be spotted and corrected.
Expertise: This team proofreads website content, white papers, newsletters, press releases, brochures, academic material, books/ebooks.

Ghost Writing Team
We need to hand it to them. They write from the soul and are willing to let someone else take the glory for it.
Experience: They read the author’s manuscript understand the style, tone and audience before putting their hands at work. The same process is followed for newsletters, magazine articles etc. This team of 6 have 3 decades of experience between them and it has become second nature to them to write in different styles.
Expertise: Their expertise lies in ghost writing books/ebooks, childrens’ books, editorials, blogs, speeches, reports and case studies.

Translation Team
This team probably does the hardest job of dealing with two languages. They love what they do and make it fun for themselves.
Experience: Each language we work with has a team of translators dedicated to it. We have a proofreader for each language too. Each translator is a native speaker of the language they translate to and from. They each have more than 2 decades of professional experience with their native languages. The proofreaders are also native speakers of the language they work with.
Expertise: Chinese translation, Japanese translation, Korean translation, French translation and German translation.

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