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Why do you need a company profile?

A company profile is like a toastmaster that introduces you to your clients. It offers you the credibility that you would need in your industry. Furthermore, it serves as a powerful marketing instrument to showcase your products & services, mission, people and what makes you different from others.
If the company profile is not persuasive and engaging enough, it will not appeal to the right audience. A striking and professional company profile on the contrary, will help get media attention which is very important for a company to convey what it stands for.

The purpose of creating a company profile is to infiltrate into the new segments. It could be targeted to

  • New customers to spread out your business
  • New investors for support
  • New employees for growth

A company profile will then serve multiple purposes like giving the above audience a snapshot of relevant information they need, a quick peek into your company and how your company will be able to provide what they are looking for. Additionally, it also acquaints the potential customer with your company’s strengths like financial capacity, entrepreneurial ability and dependability. The thought behind creating a company profile is therefore to talk your customer into putting their faith in your offerings.

Because a company profile is all about your company, utmost care should be taken to handle it in the most professional way which means no errors or redundancies, a good layout and a proper structure and flow of language.

Today, with the Web 2.0 gradually transforming to Web 3.0, customers are fast becoming empowered and so not just your website but also social media sites are platforms to market your company. Creating a company profile on social networking sites like Ning or Facebook would therefore give the additional boost to your business.

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