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Web Presence Management Services

Unlike traditional media your internet footprint is generated collectively by your friends, fans and social groups. As you read this your presence is being created, nurtured or dented by your customers through their experiences with your products, services & employees. Social community based marketing is not a happenstance but a deliberate strategy. A fragmented footprint on different web channels is as good as a non-existent one. Our web presence management service is focused on connecting these channels; integrate messaging and develop consistent branding across all channels and developing your influence online.

Our Web Presence Management service employs these steps to achieve your significant internet footprint:

  1. Assess
    Website, Blog, Search, Social Media, Brand, Influence
  • Website and blog for effectiveness of content, user experience and design
  • Search rankings, linking and competitive analysis
  • Your social media presence
  • Brand and messaging consistency across all channels
  • Disconnect across the channels and platforms
  1. Strategise
  • Based on our assessment we create a roadmap to showcase your strong assets, consistency in messaging and integrate identities across channels
  • Content strategy for your marketing. For eg: If the website is not aligned with your company’s vision that’s where we start from.
  • Strategy for  user experience and engagement roadblocks on the website, blog and other channels
  1. Implementation
  • Develop content and linkages across all channels to increase search relevancy and find-ability
  • Create, refurbish and maintain website content
  • Maintain blogs as an engine to establish leadership and authority in subject and industry
  • Content for Email campaigns and newsletters
  • Content delivery through social media & micro-blogging platforms
  • Seamless integration with all web channels to present a unified brand identity
  • Marketing through social media channels
  • Market web assets (thought leadership) – case studies, whitepapers, videos, pictures, slide shows 

4. Measure

  • Web analytics to measure performance & engagement around website and blogs
  • Measure of influence across social media platforms
  • Email response rates
  • Search effectiveness

Combined with these four elements our creative and writing expertise will propel your brand & products into a powerful entity online.  A successful online presence is achieved not by chance but through a continuous and effective Web Presence Management.

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