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Movie Script Writing

Walt Disney once said, “Of all our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.” Indeed, a movie is a powerful unifying factor that can transcend cultural, linguistic and other barriers. Ever since their inception in the late 19th century, movies have continued to enchant, enthrall and entertain like little else.

In most good movies, credit is usually given to the actors and directors. But at the heart of a good movie is a good script.

A good script grabs the audience from the very first scene, and sustains their attention till the credits appear; it enthralls and charms; it moulds characters that are fresh and believable; it captivates emotions; it seeks to inspire; it is built to entertain. A good script is what makes an audience passionate about a movie, its story, its characters and its vision. Without a good script, even the best of ideas will fall flat.

As the movie industry continues to grow, script writers seem to be emerging out of every nook and corner. Everyone seems to believe that they have a unique idea and the talent to write a phenomenal script. Maybe they do. What makes it easier is the fact that all kinds of information and learning material are now available at our fingertips.  However, writing a screenplay or movie script writing is a craft. It is an expertise that is gained largely through experience. Movie script writing involves an understanding of audience needs and tastes, industry standards, technical nuances, character formation, conflict development and more. Writing a story may be easy. But the trick to a movie script lies in transforming that story into visual images.

A movie script needs to be commercially viable. A script that has both literary and commercial value has a greater chance of succeeding in a market that is already fiercely competitive. To help you create successful scripts, we constantly try to keep abreast of trends in the entertainment industry.

Our team at Word Quotient consists of writers who are both experienced and passionate. Having learnt the finer nuances of script writing, we can give your vision its due form and structure. If you already have a prepared script, we can help you improve upon it, iron out flaws and create a professional end-product. Watch your ideas come to life in the form of intriguing characters, powerful dialogues, enthralling story lines and exciting effects.

Outsource script writing to Word Quotient.