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Kick-Start Your Freelance Writing Career

Are your brain cells in continuous Brownian motion? Do they send pricking signals to your fingers when you see something interesting, so that you want to dash to your closet, pull out your diary and start pouring your thoughts into it or better still and more relevant today, switch on a word doc on your laptop and start typing? Okay, so here’s the moment of truth, these are clear signs of zinging-to-write syndrome.

I know this is a bit of an exaggeration but often we twitch to pen down our thoughts on something worth sharing with others. However, call it lack of motivation, resources or simply lazy bones that we just put it off for later. Haven’t you found yourself losing your identity sometimes in this world of high flying executives swishing and swerving around you with the pretending-to-be-busy expression writ large on their faces?  So budding writers, gear-up, here’s the time to pull out those dusty old diaries and start writing again. If you have a flair for writing and have the time on your hands, here’s the way to go….

The internet is an ocean with pearls of opportunity. There is an immense demand for freelance writers than ever before. Freelance writing has become a cakewalk due to the computer boom and the increasing availability of the Internet. So you simply need a computer with the dear old MS Word and an internet connection.

Getting started

Work your way around the web, do some research and take stock of the freelance writing markets. You’ll see webpages brimming with opportunities. You just need to pick the right ones. For starters don’t worry about less or no payment at all. Create your own portfolio. Submit work so as to get an idea of how it works and also to gain experience. Get in touch with editors and online publishing websites on a regular basis. Respond to any job listings or postings that you come across daily. You can get publisher’s emails or contacts through dependable search engines like Google, Ask, Yahoo etc.  

Polish your craft

If you intend to become a professional freelance writer, then you need to learn and read more on how to whet your skill. This will help you gain knowledge and also grow as a qualified writer. A subscription to freelance writer’s newsletter would be a good idea.

Join the Blogomania

Create your own website or blog dedicated to your works of writing. Make yourself approachable for publishers by putting up your email/contact on your site. Make use of products like Google adwords, Pay per post etc. to make money through advertisements on your Blog/website.

Join the dots

Networking is very important to stay abreast with the latest trends in writing. Join the community of freelance writers. This would also help in knowing about any job opportunities, new ideas, tips and tricks etc.

These are not the sure shot steps to become a successful freelance writer but I can assure that these would definitely help you put your best foot forward.

Writing is a passion and needs some inspiration to keep that flame alive and burning. One can translate all that one experiences through the five senses into writing. So we must learn to observe things around us and listen to others’ points of view and stories. Read works of good writers so as to learn new styles of writing. For you never know when your bulb of ideas will glow.

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