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This old river keeps on rolling, though,
no matter what gets in the way or which way the wind does blow.
As long as it does,
I just sit here and watch the river flow
. – Bob Dylan

That’s what one feels like doing in Molsheim. This picturesque countryside of France has a unique attractiveness to it. As I see a small, silent stream gurgling past me, I wonder if I can just sit amidst the tranquil canopy of trees and feast my eyes at the stream’s serpentine beauty forever.

One can see green fields and golden hay fields laced with poppies and colourful flowers. The town’s background is painted green with the lush Vosges Mountains. One cannot miss the small cobblestone streets which are lined by flower beds with roses and geraniums in all possible hues. The houses are in all pretty shades, tall and with timbered roof tops surrounded with green patches and flowers blooming in the courtyards as if coming out of a fairytale.

Molsheim takes its name from the Latin word which means a mill. The city was named that way probably because of a mill located in a place called Avolsheim to the north of Molsheim. Molsheim is well preserved and appeals to tourists because of its historical and archaeological importance. The old houses, walls, fountains, churches etc. are well restored.

Molsheim is located in the centre of Alsace, 20 km from Strasbourg and 10 km from the Airport on the Wine road at the foothills coming from Vosges Mountains.

Molshiem has a rich historical past and some of the important architectural achievements in Molshiem are Tour des Forgerons, the Renaissance Metzig or the Great Butcheries, Eglise des Jésuites church is famous for its architectural monstrosity. Hôtel de ville reminds one of the classical buildings of old Europe. Charter House an architectural treasure with its large cloisters, monks’ cells and the old priory. There is a market square in Molsheim with remnants of old houses and fountains. There is also a museum called Alte Metzig which displays historic and prehistoric items and documents.

Food and Wine
The most common food available in Molsheim is a Sandwich called Doner and a sort of frankie called Yufka with salad or chicken filling. However, Mcdonalds has also a presence in Molsheim.
Wine is a homegrown product of Molsheim. "Brudertal" and the "Finkenberger" are two popular vintages.

The Bugatti Home
For automobile connoisseurs Molsheim is a Mecca. It houses the headquarters of the legendary Bugatti automobile. It’s said that Ettore Bugatti, the founder of Bugatti automobiles was so charmed by the beauty of Molsheim that he decided to make this place a centre of auto and rail car construction. Hotels and public places still have the display pictures of the very first Bugatti automobiles. Even till today, a Bugatti festival is held every year at the start of September.

Romance and France have always been linked like peas in a pod. The little village of Molsheim also stands true to this romantic image. It’s a land where man perpetuates tradition, where lifestyle has emerged from what was once a necessity and where the land, rocks and water all whisper their story. It feels like life is flowing at its own lazy pace in Molsheim, so come and explore and find yourself trapped in history and legend.

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