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Mauritius - A Gem in the Ocean

If you were asked to look back at your life, what would you remember? The austere visage of your mercurial boss, those high-octane boardroom battles or that cozy cubicle in your blue-chip office? If you happen to be blessed with imagination that’s restricted by the laws of gravity, then you can be sure that only these vapid images will bubble out of your languid mind.
If you are constantly kvetching about the quotidian drabness in your life, then it’s time to rescue your quiescent existence from limbo, stir things up just a bit, and discover a side that you never ever dreamt existed.

It’s time for that once-in-a-lifetime holiday at one of the world’s most iconic, most hypnotic tourist destinations – Mauritius.

Uncontaminated, untainted spectacle
Few tourist hot-spots in the world entice visitors with an ethereal combination of breathtaking physical beauty and intense magnetic charm. Mauritius definitely walks away with the top honors; a fact validated by the sobriquet the most urbanized part of the Mascarene Islands has so effortlessly managed to earn – Star of the Indian Ocean.

This volcanic island in the Indian Ocean is a veritable mosaic of lagoons and beaches. But contrary to popular perception, this fascinating paradise on earth is not only about the invincible, iconic ocean; sun drenched enigmatic emerald surf or pristine white sandy beaches. Actually, it’s an awe-inspiring amalgam of unbridled tropical splendor and exquisite extravagance, ably buttressed by a cauldron of captivating colors, amazing cultural diversity and eternal historical essence.

However, amid all the celebration, it is the singularity of purpose of the locals that compels acknowledgement and inspires admiration – that of making your stay unique, in every sense of the word.

Get ready for a prodigal lifestyle
The much-publicized tag-line of ‘live life king-size’ is taken to a whole new level in this divine part of the planet. Once again, it’s an unabashed and rather unapologetic celebration of diversity. There are seeped-in-opulence luxury hotels like Royal Palm and Inter Continental that redefine royalty. If resorts are more your style, you have a dazzling and delightful array to choose from, with Sugar Beach Resort and Sun Resorts leading the way.

But if you are not too keen to break the piggy bank, the slightly less eye-popping options in the enchanting form of villas, bungalows, studios, guest houses and beach cottages are certain to put your redoubtable decision-making skills in mortal jeopardy.
Seashells studios, Aquatic Villa, Le Prose Apartments… the choice is endless. Die-hard Hollywood addicts like me wouldn’t like to settle for anything other than the Sunset Boulevard.

A frenzy of activity  
Unlike a host of other beach destinations, Mauritius is not only about sun, sand and surf. Thankfully, there’s a lot more to write home about than just swimming and sunbathing on the scintillating lagoons and beaches.
Deep-sea fishing enthusiasts are sure to be enveloped in euphoria when they get up close and personal with the dizzying array of species – blue and black marlin, sharks, yellow tuna and the Bonitos. Tee off in style at immaculately manicured golf greens set amid majestic mountains, iridescent blue waters and stunning white sands. How about a decadent chocolate massage at any of the world-class spas in Beau Rivage or The Residence?

A visit to the Balaclava ruins, The Labourdonnais Orchards, The Triolet Shivala or the Black River Gorges National Park is a must to soak up the sights and sounds of this picturesque destination.

The jaw-dropping prices of embroidery, pottery, cut-stones, recycled glass and textiles will leave shopaholics completely out of breath. Watch your tastebuds go totally haywire when they come in contact with a wide variety of cuisines – African, Chinese, French and Indian.
With so much in store, the memories of Mauritius will always have a persistent place in your imagination.
So are you ready to reclaim your life in this ‘Gem in the Ocean’?

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