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Holiday in Greece

Greece is the ideal place for a holiday all round the year. The pristine beaches, white-washed Cycladic villages, ancient ruins enchants anyone with its beauty. A surreal beauty surrounded in myths, legend and history. A place with immense beauty that is welcoming enough to abandon city life and run to these pristine shores. Photographs that capture the spirit of the place are enough to make one long for South Aegean’s warm breeze, pale sands and blue seas. The small towns and islands provide the traveler with the essence of the past splendor, culture and beauty, plying simultaneously to beachcombers with beach parties that run into the wee hours of the night.

The South Aegean has the Cyclades that are a collection of more than 200 rugged chains of islands and are a must see. ‘Cyclades’ has its origins in ancient Greek meaning “to circle” or “to surround”. The islands in the Southern Aegean ring dellos that are sacred to god Apollo and in the summers travelers ring these islands. Siros, Santorini, Sifnos and Tinos are some of Greece’s best Cycladic islands. Santorini is a nature lover’s paradise and the most amazing island in the world, definitely a place not to be missed. On this island one encounters the streets of Fira and La that are carved into a high cliff that overlooks the circular caldera, a large crater created by an ancient volcanic eruption.

The night life in Fira is beyond compare and just splendid. The night life alone is enough to charm anyone, probably why it is one of the most popular holiday spots in the Aegean. Siros, a tiny island and one of the “rembitika” centres, a form of traditional music that has its roots in Asia Minor. Siros has it all, it’s a lively and cosmopolitan town with archeological remains.  The beaches and beach resorts are unforgettable.

The rugged island of Simi is known as ‘the jewel of the Dodecanese’ largely due to Yialos, strewn with an extraordinary array of neo classical mansions.
Metsovo in Western Greece is a refreshing summer locale and an invigorating one in the winter ski season. It’s a mountain town occasionally jammed with excursionists.

The Greek capital Athens, named after the goddess Athena is captivating. One of the first things a traveler notices in Athens at the city’s centre is a flat-topped mass of rock. It is, the Acropolis and is more than 162 meters high. At the top are ancient buildings, one of them is the famous Panthenon, built in honor of goddess Athena. Not far away is the city’s ancient drama centre , the theatre of Dionysius. Nearby is the Odeum theatre, where the Athens summer festival of music and drama takes place today.

For the sports enthusiast, nothing could be more fulfilling than a visit to the ruins of Olympia, the birth place of the Olympic Games.

The thirsty traveler may find something to quench his thirst, literally, while holidaying in Greece, Greek wives have won noteworthy international competitions allowing them to enter the international wine markets. The Xynomavro, the most traditional variety of wine produced in Macedonia and Thrace can be found in Naoussa and Goumenissa. However, Sterea Ellada and Evia the first in wine production is famous for the popular dry, white resinated wine produced from savatiano grapes, Retsina.

The best time to visit Greece is May and October, when the weather is excellent, crisis are relatively low and crowds light.

Winter in Greece can be ever so wonderful. The place is a wonderland in winter, what with the Christmas, New Year and epiphany celebrations and the inexpensive ski resorts.

All the same, Greece is beautiful anytime – spring, summer or fall.
Steeped in architecture, literature, history, philosophy and art, this wonderful land of islands stands proud. The ancient buildings bear testimony to the Greek mind that gave the world some of the most extraordinary architecture, epic and theatre.

To get a feel of the culture and to experience the lifestyle of the Greeks, one has to mingle with the locals in towns or villages. Wandering through the narrow lanes of Chania located at Crete offers a heady mix of colorful local culture with its charming hotels, excellent restaurants, interesting shops and swinging night spots.

The perfect place for recreation anytime of the year.

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