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Harihareshwar - Where Mountains Meet the Ocean

Harihareshwar is a combination of two words, Hari in the Hindu religion means God and Hareshwar in Hindu mythology forms the whole of the two Gods, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu denoting Bhakti (devotion) and Yoga. Harihareshwar is located in Konkan, a rugged landscape in Western India. The Konkan region runs all along the coast ending in Goa and is dotted with lovely beaches and quaint temples some built during the time of the great Maratha warrior kings Shivaji and the Peshwas. The people in the area speak in the Konkani language originating from the Indo European family of languages.

The Sahyadri mountain range runs all along the Eastern flank of the Konkan region while the Arabian Sea laps on its western shore. The entire area is speckled with white sandy beaches with tall and green palm trees, quaint temples, majestic forts of Maratha kings, orchards of the world famous Alphonso mangoes and paddy fields. With the increasing popularity of this region among the tourists, adventurers and the religiously inclined the government of Maharashtra has improved the infrastructure of the region. The Konkan train takes you through the entire picturesque region.

The region has numerous homegrown resorts, which attract tourists from all over the globe and weekend visitors from Mumbai, Pune and other surrounding areas. Some of the famous resorts are Alibag, Murud, Guhagar, Kihim, Shri Vardhan, Ganpatipule, Palande, Dapoli, Divyagarh and Harihareshwar.

The beach-mountain resort and religious place of Harihareshwar is home to a long stretch of sandy beaches with huge mountains towering over them. Situated in the green Konkan region of Maharashtra and 215 kilometers from the commercial capital of Mumbai, Harihareshwar is the ideal getaway from the stress of mundane life. The place is unique because its beach is rocky on one side and sandy on the other. The place abounds with temples of various deities, some of them on the seashore and some on the unending stretches of white sandy beaches. There are two ancient, more than three centuries old, but very important Kalbhairav and Shiva temples, symbols of the rich heritage of India’s amazing culture.

The beaches are divine and one can relax and soak up the beauty of it all for hours together. On one side, tall rugged mountains proudly brave the surging waves and on the other side one can see the calm grey white waters stretching into the horizon. The tussle between the waves and the mountain is centuries old as one can see the beautiful cobweb like designs on the rocks of the mountain. It seems for hundreds of years the Arabian Sea has sent huge waves to cut though the mountains and the latter in turn has always stood tall and strong calming the waves.

A delicious and innovative cuisine complements the relaxing and invigorating beaches of Harihareshwar. The Konkani food, also called Malvani cuisine and mostly non-vegetarian, is famous for its spices and a variety of seafood. A variety of fishes dominate the Konkani cuisine, sprinkled with fiery spices accompanied by a liberal use of coconut.

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