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Goa - A Traveler’s Paradise

Surrounded by blue sea, Goa is a small piece of land which is located on the west coast of India. In terms of area it’s the smallest state of India. It’s known for its beaches and scenic beauty, it’s also known as the ‘pearl of the orient’ for its majestic charm. If one wants to really beat the crowd and wants Goa all for himself then the rainy season is the best time to visit Goa.

Panjim is the capital of Goa, just 43 miles from it is the famous forest area of Surla, a trekker’s paradise. Here one can explore the uncharted terrains, not to mention the lush green valleys and beautiful waterfalls that will rejuvenate your soul. Goa is a paradise for thrill seekers as few of the best kart racing tracks are found in Goa. One has to drive these fast mini cars and feel the wind against them.  Shopping is definitely something that one shouldn’t miss in this emerald land, especially the Anjuna Flea market that came into existence with some travelers auctioning their belongings in a bid to stay in this paradise for a few more exciting days.

Old Goa
Old Goa has been declared a World heritage Site by UNESCO and at present, it is the main cultural attraction. The beautiful interiors and massive facades are much admired by the tourists. Some of the most beautiful churches in India that are largely a legacy of Portuguese colonization are located here. Basilica of Bom Jesus, Chapel and Tomb of St. Francis Xavier, Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Chapel of St. Catherine and St. Cajetan Church are located in Old Goa. But the most beautiful amongst them is the Basilica of Bom Jesus. Bom Jesus is one of the most famous churches in Goa and is a world heritage site.

The Delectable Cuisine
One has to taste the great Goan cuisine renowned for its variety of fish delicacies. Coconut and coconut oil is widely used in the Goan cuisine along with spices, chilli peppers and vinegar. Feni is the most popular Goan drink, cashew feni is made from fermented cashew nuts, while coconut feni is made from the sap of toddy palms.

Football is the most popular sport in Goa and is embedded deep in the Goan culture. Along with West Bengal and Kerala, Goa is home for quite a few popular Football clubs in India’s National Football League. Unlike the rest of India which is cricket crazy, it has played a second fiddle in Goa followed by hockey.

There are many Goa beach hotels for those who like to stay near the beach. These hotels are available in a wide range, from star luxury hotels to cheap hotels in Goa to suit the taste and budget of every traveler. They try their best to provide comfortable accommodation with all sorts of facilities to their visitors and make their trip memorable. One has to visit Goa to enjoy the swaying coconut palms, ultra fresh sea food and shimmering sands.

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