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Cyprus, an island country, also a land of Gods, is the most popular holiday destination in the Mediterranean region. It is situated to the south of Turkey and to the west of Lebanon. Though the country is geographically closer to Asia and Africa, the country gains more influence from Europe. The breathtaking scenes of Cyprus are often flocked with weekenders, tourists, art and culture lovers, along with being a favourite holiday spot for honeymooners. It is here in Cyprus that Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love is said to have taken conception. The country has enough to offer for everybody. It continues to be an inviting country with its extremely hospitable and welcoming locals, thus ensuring that an outsider to their country will feel comfortable, and enjoy their holiday to the fullest. Cyprus today is a modern city and is a blend of contemporary European culture with ancient cultural heritage.

Rich cultural heritage
Cyprus is deep rooted in legend, mythology, arts and crafts. It has historical monuments, museums and architecture that are a must visit. The churches of the Troodos Mountains, the town of Pafos, rich in ancient sites are listed under UNESCO for their magnificence. The Paphos also known as the rock of the Greek or even Aphrodite’s rock is of significance. According to Homers Odyssey, it is upon this rock that Aphrodite emerged from the waves.

Coastal magnificence
The Island country of Cyprus boasts of its massive coastlines, with its beautiful warm tropical climate and a variety of beaches and resorts along with extravagant water sport adventures to choose from. The Nissi beach with its soft sensuous gold sand and turquoise blue water makes it a very popular beach among many. The Fig Tree Bay and Sirena Bay are beaches stretched out in the Protaras region. A wide variety of hotels and resorts along with recreation and entertainment are housed along the coastline. Hiking in the various mountain peaks, skiing, surfboarding, paragliding are just some of the adventure sports for the keen adventurer.

Cyprus towns- a blend of contemporary and rich historical culture
Holidaying in Cyprus is a once in a lifetime experience with easy accessibility to a range of recreation and nature exploration. The Island has it all. Citrus groves, vineyards, creamy serene beaches and a beautiful countryside. A visit to the Museums, medieval buildings, and ancient sites, situated in the heart of the island-Nicosia is a must on every visitor’s agenda. Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus is bordered with strong fortress walls built by the Venetians in the 16th century. The city is engineered with restaurants, shopping arcades and aplenty commercial shops trading in pottery, leather and manufacturing textiles. The Limassol town, situated in the south of the island, though is the main industrial hub, also has a lot to offer for the tourist. Theatres, archaeological spots, craft shops, and Yermasogea for the night life lover are all housed in the town of Limassol. For those who have a palate for the best wines, must look out for the Great wine festival of Cyprus, which kicks off in the first quarter of September in the same town of Limassol. Explore it all. Plan a holiday to Cyprus and indulge.

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