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Digital Cameras

It is not those times of yesteryears when a hugely built camera accompanied by a professional photographer did the magic. As my grandfather says, “those magical moments when a happy memory was caught on reel”, how often does it happen today? I am not talking about happy times but capturing of moments. Pretty often, infact any time you want and how many ever times you want. One of the main inventions that has made it possible is the advent of digital cameras.

Advantages of the Digicam
Digital cameras have definitely changed the realms of photography. One of the main advantages being the ability to capture infinite number of images unlike the camera that uses film rolls. The cumbersome process of developing the film roll has been made easier with the advent of memory cards and USB ports that can directly transfer the data into a computer. It also saves a lot of time, energy and money that is normally involved in the process of the development of photographs in the studio. Moreover, it’s just the initial investment in a digital camera unlike the manual ones.

One of the main aspects of the digital camera is that it is environmental friendly. The film reels of the manual camera cause pollution as they don’t decay fast due to their chemical constituents. The piling up of these chemicals is posing a serious threat to the environment.

How it works
In digital photography, there are namely 3 main methods of photo capture- single shot, multi-shot and scanning. Single shot method of capture happens when the light passes through the camera sensor only during a single time. In multi-shot method, the sensor is exposed to the image in 3 or more openings. The third method is when the sensor moves across the focal plane like the one in desktop scanning.

The other side
An argument that goes against the usage of digital camera is that the photography skills are more expressed in the manual ones. Most of the professional photographers still use manual cameras as they feel the true strengths of photography are displayed through it.

Digital cameras have definitely created waves in the field of photography with newer and innovative models being released in the market every day. Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and Kodak are the leaders in the market today. If used judiciously and efficiently, digicams can turn the world over. Since they are inducted into other devices also, it is truly a transformer in the digital world today. I guess those magical moments of yesteryears in photography will remain forever with the help of digital cameras.

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