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Overcoming Stress

The physical and mental responses to a disparity between the real and imaginary experience is called stress. When it enhances productivity it is called positive stress and in cases where stress dissipates your energy to make you less productive, it is called negative stress or depression.

Reasons for Stress
Reasons for stress vary from one to another. For someone work at office could be stressful for others it might be enjoyable. Any kind of change to which your body reacts negatively is harmful in the long run. To cope with stress, you need to discover the reasons behind it. They could be:

Ways to counteract stress
Post identifying the reasons for stress you need to be vigilant and be aware of the feeling of stress. Some indicators could be; strain on different parts of the body like, eyes, neck, shoulders etc. In such circumstances, give yourself a break from the stress accelerating entity which could be an activity or a thought. Doing so will help you ease the strain away and enable you to look at the problem with a calmer and better perspective.

Here are some pointers that can help you bust the stress:

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