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Overcoming Failures

Conquer Failure
“Never be afraid to face failure” I heard these lines oftentimes from my favorite English teacher. Its very true that when faced with a challenge to prove something, we always think and question our ability to succeed. However, this itself is an act leading to failure.   There is no success without failure. Great people face and overcome failure before achieving success. Understanding and accepting failure is the first step towards overcoming it. Accept failure as a temporary setback that helps move ahead with a positive attitude. Understanding failure as a stepping stone to progress is the right approach.

Learning from failures is probably the most important lesson people can use. Diving deep and understanding failure reasons and points of failure ensures that the next time around you overcome it. Most people face failures and give up and this blocks the path to success. Smart and successful people try till they win.

The first step to achieving success is to recognizing your weakness. Without understanding and accepting weaknesses it is impossible to change and move forward. Take a step back in history and you will see scores and scores of great people who realized their weakness and upon doing so translated those weaknesses to their strengths. It sounds like an exaggerated example but its true that Edison failed ten thousand times before he invented the electric bulb. 

Here’s how you can tackle the failure bull:

Instill the spirit within yourself to keep trying until you succeed. Seldom you don’t realize the proximity with success, so don’t give yourself the chance to regret if you realized it was just around the corner when you gave up.

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