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Book Review - For One More Day

'For one more day' is an engaging and inspiring story by the author of the novel ‘Tuesdays with Morrey’ - Mitch Albom. It is the story of a man who gets to spend a day with his lost mother. The author makes the reader think about 'what will we do if we get a chance to spend one more day with lost loved one?'

Charles 'Chick' Benetto attempts suicide when he discovers he has not been invited to his only daughters wedding. The day he tries to take his life he meets his mother 'Pauline' staying in their childhood house, she has died 8 years earlier.

The story gives detailed memories of Chick’s childhood, how he chooses to be a 'daddy's boy' although it is his mother who despite of the difficulties in life single handedly brings up her children. She stands by him all the time but he refuses to acknowledge her love for him. Chick is away pleasing his father, when his mother dies. The guilt of it results in alcoholism and loss of his job. The family he has built, his wife and his daughter fall apart. He decides to drive down to his childhood house for one last time before taking his life. To his surprise, he finds his dead mother staying in the house. He is granted to spend a whole day with his mother, the day he missed earlier and wished he always had with her. By the end of the day his mother makes him understand the importance of life and surviving its struggles. It helps him change his focus on living his life meaningfully and loving his family.

The story, if logic put aside is very sensitive. The narration by Mitch Albom is simple, compassionate and takes you along. It might make you cry at times and ponder over the thoughts throughout. It makes us think how we take our loved ones and their love for granted. Its a story which makes us believe in redeeming the past mistakes and letting them go. I think the most important thought in the book is to stand by your loved ones and 'Love them unconditionally'.

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