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Perception is a cognitive and a very complicated aspect of human behavior. Through this process human beings try to extract a meaning out of their environment by selection, organization and interpretation of information. No two people can have the same perception about the same situation. Ultimately how a person behaves is an outcome of his or her perception. An individual looks at the world from his point of view which may be influenced by many external and internal factors. The gap between the real and perceptive world has been the basis of various studies. Perception has a major role to play in the study of human psychology and relationships.

Many would think of perception as a concept similar to sensation. However, the two are very different from each other. Sensation is just a subset of perception. It involves just stimulus reception via the sensory organs, while perception involves not just receiving the stimulus but also sorting out, transforming partially or completely and eventually applying cognition or awareness to it. Perception is a complex process involving registration, confrontation, interpretation, analysis and feedback. 

Factors influencing Perception
Perception is mainly influence by external and internal factors. External factors such as intensity, size, contrast, repetition, motion, novelty and familiarity and situations affect Perception.

Internal Factors like habit, motivation and interest, learning, organizational and personality affect Perception.

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