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Top Ten Movies of 2009

Moviegoers gasped a sigh of relief in 2009, thanks to the refreshing change exhibited through new stories and a shift in the attitude. Although, no one likes change but this change was appreciated and exalted by many.  The audiences were spared from the run-of-the-mill stories that ruled the roost until recently. Indeed, it was a gravitas issue and the producers and directors identified it in time. The influx of fresh subjects offered an exceptional cinema experience.

Character movies, normal story lines and real life cinema with strong messages were the highlight. French Cinema was dominated by cult, retro and art-house movies and Hollywood was dominated by giant robots, teen wizards, highflying houses and sci-fi epics. Chinese and Indian movies too made waves internationally. Some documentaries are worth mentioning for they created public awareness on sensitive issues. Here is an account of the top ten movies of 2009 worldwide.

Top Ten Movies of 2009

  1. Avatar – This movie enchanted the audiences. It was a blow-you-through-the-back-of –your-seat experience. Written and directed by James Cameron, remember “Titanic”. Avatar was the biggest movie of 2009, incomparable to any other movie. It remains a work of massive sci-fi fiction.

  2. Confucius – The life of the great Chinese sage and philosopher was depicted in this epic. The then dynasty, the later years of Confucius life, the warfront was presented beautifully in this biopic.

  3. The Founding of a Republic – The story of how People’s Republic of China was founded. This movie was a tribute to the 60th Anniversary of the country’s founding. This film was a huge event with almost 80 stars and most of them were A-listers.

  4. Himalayas, le chemin du ciel – This French documentary film showcases the life of an isolated Buddhist community located high up in the Himalayas. It focuses on the children who live in this community.

  5. Up – A simple straightforward story that impressed audiences of all age groups was beautiful and engaging. This animation flick was simply dazzling with the right mix of emotions, thrills, comedy, suspense and action.

  6. 3 Idiots – Powerful messages for the youth and their parents. This movie had a perfect balance of humor and serious messages to grip the audiences.

  7. 2012 – A movie that coaxes the audiences to think otherwise. 2012 depicted the end of the world, it is a sci-fi thriller and conveys a strong apocalyptic message. 

  8. Firaaq – A simple story told in an “as-is” manner. The plot revolves around the horror of Gujarat genocide. Firaaq, had a powerful and purposeful message.

  9. At the Edge of the World – It was an advocacy documentary and travelogue. It is like a David and Goliath story. The story is based on an international organization’s dedication to preserve our earth’s oceans.

  10. Crude – An alarming and shocking truth is revealed in this documentary. It creates public awareness about an environmental disaster that was under reported. The cause of this disaster is the Chevron/Texaco’s oil extraction in the Amazon.

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