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When Kamalaxi Kutti was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, her family refused to give up and put her through rigorous sessions of chemotherapy. Few months later, her body was unable to cope and she had to be put on oxygen all through the day. The doctor quietly called her family for a meeting and told them that she is not going to improve as it had already been established, and all they would have to do, was to sign on a document saying she died in her sleep and the doctor would have the oxygen removed. That’s all it would take. The only thing is, that would be a lie and not to mention illegal.

The Debate
The ruling on Euthanasia has been revamped, reworded and fought over for years now. Thereby leaving the people, who truly need help, in the hands of strong opponents. What happens to those millions, who despite the money cannot live life the way it was meant to be lived again? Is Euthanasia then fair? The list of those in dire need ranges from terminally ill patients, who suffer from immeasurable pain, to patients who are fated to the bed of a hospital for life, without the money to afford it and the understandable unwillingness to live on that way.

The Laws across the World
The Supreme Court in India deems Euthanasia illegal. Infused with beliefs on dignity of life, to Euthanasia being murder, where under section 304 a doctor assisting in the act of Euthanasia will be charged with culpable homicide not amounting to murder. Predominantly the rest of the world seems to be on a consensus in this matter, barring countries like Netherlands, Belgium, and Oregon in the U.S., Norway and Sweden who have found a way to contort their laws and make way for voluntary and involuntary Euthanasia.

The stance of the very people who think capital punishment to be humane, oppose Euthanasia or as it is otherwise known, mercy killing as edgy and undeniably uneven.

Take the case of Aruna Shanbaug alone, raped, blinded, vegetated and brain dead for the past 36 years.

Thirty six years is a long time in misery. And there is nothing Humane about it. Questions arise when such ideas are toyed with. How is putting animals “to sleep” alright? Simply because we cannot see them suffer and when nothing more can be done, it is heartless to put them through pain. The comparison of man to animals is one that can be seen as an outright insult. But it is the simple question of life that is in question here.

And in the end, the answer exists. Whether legalized or not. No questions remain, only decisions are made. A doctor can quietly call someone to his room and give them the offer, or a family could walk in and out of the court of law.  While our hypocrisies are put to task and battles charted out, it’s the people dying, the people crumbling in the agony of physical pain, and their helpless loved ones who await answers.

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