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Ayurveda: A Way of Science or A Way of Life?

The busy city life that all of us lead today is full of stress, anxiety, diseases and problems. It is now time that we begin to ensure and take steps towards our well being; or life will have to call on it forcefully. Gulping a pill or two and getting back to work is a norm with most of us, never really realizing what Allopathy is doing to our bodies. The saying “a healthy mind lies in a healthy body” is one that we should make a part of our life. We must understand that eventually our body and mind are interconnected, and a balance of these two can save us or at least help us face the challenges the world has to offer.

Basic concept and working of Ayurveda
Ayurveda is an ancient science with a holistic approach. It helps detoxify not only the body and mind, but also the soul. Its remedial measures include balanced diets, herbal treatments, yoga, breathing exercises and meditation.
Revolving around the five elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Ether and Air; Ayurveda comes out with 3 fundamental energies- Vata, Pitta and Kapha; the unique properties to balance good health for every single individual.

A Peek into Interesting Facts
Have you ever tried the herbal Ayurveda medicines for ailments? Well, it’s worth a try since these treatments have no side effects. Ayurveda not only aims at cure but also prevention of diseases, by facilitating the body’s own capacity to maintain and balance itself. These medicines are non-toxic and non-invasive making them safe. Ayurveda has proven to be the best for chronic diseases.
Natural and home based remedies are also often prescribed. These home based remedies are herbs with medicinal properties, usually found in our kitchens and gardens. Some of the herbs commonly used are neem, turmeric, yogurt, garlic, ginger, pepper, turmeric, aloe vera, fenugreek seeds, coriander seeds, black cardamom and asafoetida. These herbs act as natural nutritional supplements aimed at bringing back the proportional balances. While some of the ailments for which these herbs are prescribed are tooth ache, sore throat, constipation, acne and so on. These herbs give quick results and are easily available.

Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga
If Ayurveda helps heal the body, yoga purifies the mind; it is a combination of these that provide utmost benefits. The pranayams or the breathing techniques also lead us to a state of utmost satisfaction, peace and good health. The various yoga postures practiced regularly help reduce weight and fight common ailments. If Ayurveda and yoga are knit well into our lives, they can heal and cleanse any ache and pain.
Nourishing and nurturing the mind with meditation not only helps reduce stress and strain, but also brings to life the much needed calm and feeling of satiety.

Want to relax and rejuvenate? What better than an Ayurvedic oil massage and treatment. It helps reduce stress, improve blood circulation and remove the body toxins. Ayurvedic massages are the best to take care of problems ranging from hair fall, joint pains, hypertension and even sleep disorders. So let’s start living healthy and minimize our problems by bringing Ayurveda into our lives.

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