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Yoga - The Perfect Union

Yoga is a trend which began in India about 3000 years ago. It refers to the meditative practices which aim at a three-fold path development-physical, mental and spiritual. It is a scientific system of physical excellence requiring obedience to certain rules, principles and methodologies for satisfactory results. The word yoga means ‘union’ signifying the unity of our whole being, the union of the body and the mind and the union of our soul and God. It is a Hindu discipline which aims at achieving a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. Yoga has been mentioned in ancient Indian literature as a way of life which leads to the attainment of Moksha or salvation. It has, down the ages, been practiced by the legendary characters of India’s past.

Today, yoga is practiced by many as a form of exercise to keep fit. However, there is a lot more to yoga than the physical aspect. Yoga is a remarkable way of developing and toning up the whole body, it also develops the mind and spirit which in turn helps a person unwind and de-stress, leaving him happy, calm and peaceful.

In the fast paced world of today, people are often too caught up with work to care about their overall personal wellbeing, leading to higher levels of stress, infirmity and depression. Hectic schedules leave people so occupied that even a weekly trip to the gym seems impossible. When adapting to a regular fitness routine can be time consuming, yoga proves to be a simple lifestyle which can be easily blended into the course of daily life. Any dedicated person can adapt to yoga. It is a technique of disciplining one’s mind and body, abstaining from unhealthy habits and following strict diets along with bodily exercise. Even if a person is too busy to commit himself to time consuming exercises, he can enjoy the benefits of yoga by a simple 5 minute meditation.

Since yoga is involved with the overall fitness of the human body, its benefits are varying and are numerous. It is an effective means of losing weight, improving flexibility, increasing strength, stamina, resistance and immunity. It reduces stress, improves mental clarity and keeps a person within self control. Yoga also keeps a person beautiful by delaying ageing and improving skin health. It increases the level of one’s concentration and gives peace of mind and a positive outlook to life.  Yoga is highly therapeutic in nature and is a method of relaxation. Yoga, therefore maintains the balance between the body, mind and soul, ensuring the strength and stability of an individual.

 As a way of life, yoga can help a person achieve the perfect state of mind and body, which helps him connect with his inner soul. There is no age limit for yoga; no one is too old or too young to adopt this beneficial lifestyle. Yoga does not affect religion in any manner; it is a philosophy, a way of life which aims to help man reach his highest state of development.

Yoga seems to be the one solution to all the problems we battle with like stress, aging or dull skin, weight gain, lack of fitness and a chaotic mind.

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