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The Reading Habit

‘Stop Procrastination’, ‘Spend more time with family’, ‘Read more’…..Do they seem familiar? Guess it can be found in your to-do list. One of the most common goals globally, ‘Read more’ indicates that people are spending lesser amount of time to read.
While browsing the internet on the reading habits of people, I happened to bump into various surveys on why the reading habit has gone down the hill. It blamed the internet and television for taking people away from books. It talked about children getting addicted to the ‘idiot box’.

Analyzing the situation, some sociologists are not that critical about the advent of IT in human life. They feel voracious readers would still remain loyal to books and that internet cannot take away their faithfulness is the claim. Internet and TV seems to have influenced more of the ‘how to time-pass’ people rather than intense readers. But it definitely seems to have taken a toll on the habits of children as they are exposed more to the internet and TV than books.
Somerset Maugham describes reading as one of the best ways to enter a new world. Here are a few tips to improve your reading habit:

Reading can be fun and sometimes more than just fun if cultivated as a habit rather an incurable obsession. It is indeed a magical world, places to see, people to meet and needless to say enthralling experiences to encounter.

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