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Tablescaping – Rejuvenate Your Meal Table

Christopher Morley, an American writer once said, “There are a lot of people who must have the table laid in the usual fashion or they will not enjoy the dinner,” and I can bet my bottom dollar that tablescaping didn’t exist in that century.

In 2006, my husband and I moved to Paris and were the guests of honor for a “Welcome Newbie” luncheon organized by a close friend of ours who has a French wife. The world goes gaga over French art and cuisine but my first encounter with French style tablesetting just swept me off my feet. As we entered a warm and cozy dining area, my eyes involuntarily drifted to an inviting luncheon table. Oops! Maybe you’re getting it all wrong, it wasn’t the aroma of the sumptuous meal that triggered my olfactory senses but the dollops of brilliant color and design splashed all over, that got my eyeballs popping out of their sockets.

The table was set in a simple yet imaginative style. A yellow linen tablecloth with a subtle gloss to it, adorned the top. White ceramic dishes shaped in the form of flower petals were laid exquisitely around. Everything from the drink tumblers to the cutlery to the bewitching dripless candles was in harmony. The vision it created was just so transcendental. It not only mirrored our hosts’ aesthetic sense but also how special they made us feel. That evening was perfectly delightful and left me totally enthralled.

Pep Up the “Meal experience”
With a little effort and creativity, anyone can work wonders and enliven that lackluster dinner table. Tablescaping is the art of transforming your meal table by adding a visual appeal to it. It’s an enjoyable art form and there’s no limit to where your imagination can lead you to accentuating and enhancing the “meal experience” for you and your loved ones. You needn’t flaunt your pricey silverware or have an exotic floral arrangement adorning the table. Even a very unfussy table linen with porcelain dishes in vibrant colors can whip up the magic.

Some Tidbits for your Tablescape

Tablescaping is a gratifying hobby and I cannot thank my friend enough for fuelling up this latent flair within me. Go ahead and do a little bit of soul searching and you never know probably this uplifting art might find its way out.

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