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Spas in Bangalore - Therapy Begins

Does the name ‘Bangalore’ remind you of IT hubs, ‘silicon valley’, tech parks, metro and ‘software’? Then its time to take a different stream of thought altogether as now Bangalore is also considered as the Spa Capital of India. The reason? An oasis of cool, serene and salubrious climate combined with a wide responsive audience. The high work pressure on the city’s inmates calls for relaxation and rejuvenation. Adding to it, the city still has the best climatic conditions unlike most other metros.

The recent years have seen the sprouting of more and more spas in and around Bangalore. With a candle lit and therapeutic ambience these spas offer a variety of services that is addictive to the soul. Special packages are given to corporates as they are the primary target audience.

Exclusive scientific therapies and organized relaxation procedures are performed in these spas that make it on the top list.

Golden Palms
Located in North Bangalore, Golden Palms has been built in accordance with Moorish Spanish architecture. They emphasize on “Health isn’t everything but the only thing”. Variety of spa therapies like hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy, aromatherapy and much more combined with scientific and traditional knowledge is practiced here that makes it one of the most preferred destinations of relaxation.

Exfoliation, body wrap, salt glow, reflexology and much more is available at the Angsana Resorts and Spa. Highly refreshing and serene atmosphere that will take the pressure out of you and lead you to a completely different world. Situated in Doddabalapur Main road, Angsana gives you the simple pleasures of relaxation and a soft breeze.

The 5th element
An authentic Thai spa, that offers massages, facials, body wraps, body polish and other special packages. Focusing on the holistic look at approaching beauty and natural treatments that suit your skin.

The Oberoi Spa
The healing hands of expert therapists will soothe your tensions of urban hectic life. The spa at Oberoi provides you with an extraordinary level of comfort and relaxation. Applying techniques with natural ingredients they pamper you using Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Eastern and Western methods.

Thai massage, duet massage, Rose moisturizer massage and distress day package are the specialties of this spa. SPA.ce not only focuses on healthy body but also the mind and the soul. Here you are empowered to help or heal yourself, hence making you happier.

Some of us have been here long enough to experience the geographical, financial and emotional changes that have wiped out the pensioner’s paradise and garden city to welcome the Silicon Valley of the East. To those of us the lavishly sprouting spas are a welcome sight. We stretch out our tired arms to welcome them.

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