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Gardening, A Way to Unwind

We all lead such busy and often hassled lives. A lot of people believe and maybe rightly so that ‘time is money’ and they try to fill up their lives with many meaningful activities in a bid to maximize the returns from their time. The modern age is filled with instances of people whose very lifespan was literally cut short by a lack of relaxation and a surfeit of tension as well as stress. Stress is a silent killer with untold millions of victims who are not even aware that there is something eating them up quietly but surely. We all need to unwind and take some time off for ourselves. After all, we are humans and not mere machines. If you are someone who wants to give your body, mind and soul a way to relax and unwind, do consider gardening as a great way to de-stress.

Quite a lot of people think that gardening is what floriculturists and horticulturists do. It is true that these scientists are avid practitioners of gardening, but that is certainly no reason why the general populace should be oblivious to the benefits of gardening as a hobby or an enjoyable pastime. Gardening makes you come close to and be one with nature. We are so often surrounded by machines, gadgets and computers in our modern existence that we have quite conveniently forgotten the fact that we are indeed an important constituent of the natural world around us. Gardening affords us ample opportunity to interact with the natural elements and come away with a sense of rejuvenation. There is something quite therapeutic in taking up a small hoe or a spade and going to work in the garden. You may not have realized that getting your hands dirty in the sand or the soil in the garden can be quite a stress buster as you till the soil and make it ready for plants.

Gardening also has quite a de-stressing effect when you watch the flowers swaying in the breeze, the squirrels scurrying about or the lark as it sings a cheery song early in the morning. Just observing the goings on in nature can have such a calming and soothing effect that the memory of this can get you going and keep you fresh and mentally active all day long. If you have had a hard day at work, you can just immerse yourself in gardening and forget all the stressful goings on at office

Gardening can also have economic benefits if you care to plant a kitchen garden. Well, just watching fresh tomatoes and eggplant grow right in front of your wonder filled eyes can give you such a great sense of satisfaction that it can be hardly expressed in words. If you are an avid flower grower and have the inclination, you can even start a small flower business if it catches your fancy. In any case, gardening is a great and natural way to unwind, something you should actively consider.                                                                        

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