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Cane in the Urban World

Cane – talk about cane and what comes to mind is furniture in varied and beautiful designs, wicker baskets and walking sticks too. What is cane? Cane can easily be confused with bamboo when they are actually different. While they both come from the grass family, cane is solid but bamboo is hollow. Being solid and strong, cane makes good and long lasting furniture.

Cane has been in use since ancient times and has been widely used in making baskets, mats, storage and furniture. Cane is a beautiful material to work with as it has its own unique design and elegance. Hand woven chairs and other pieces of furniture have been popular for hundreds of years. Despite the emergence of plastic and other synthetic materials for furniture of attractive designs, cane furniture has not lost its popularity. Cane furniture has evolved from simple hand-woven designs to elaborate machine made ones.

Cane today
Having been around for thousands of years, cane today has matured into more than ethnic handicraft; it has emerged as the hippest trend for urban homes. It is lightweight, convenient, striking and affordable. Cane is a versatile material which can be easily crafted and fashioned into eye catching shapes and objects. The oldest of raw material for perfect craftsmanship is in the modern world used for fashioning conservatory furniture which is both strong and durable. The use of cane today does not end in furniture alone, besides being used for making fashionable walking sticks; cane is also used for making elaborate and pleasant sounding musical instruments.

Cane, being a material which is easy to care for is widely used today to make all kinds of household furnishing which suit the hectic city life making urban homes look beautiful and cosy without the extra stress of cleaning. Such household furnishing in the urban world includes delicately woven floor and table mats, handy wicker baskets and storage bins, bottle holders, lamp shades, shoe racks, striking magazine holders and even rattan ceilings and wall hangings.

The use of cane started as a simple tribal craft. However, cane has been significantly popularized, as nowadays, ethnic handmade cane artifacts are exported to urban areas boosting the economy of these places. These tribal relics include decorative mugs, bowls ornaments like engraved necklaces, bracelets and bangles, stationery items like pens, paper weights and pencil boxes, bags and hats daintily crafted.

Adding cane, wicker and rattan furniture and accessories to city homes enhances their beauty. Owing to this and to the fact that they are very practical, cane is trendy and much sought after. Simple cane vases, cradles, roller blinds, pot holders, trays, frames and other articles of everyday use makes a simple house look in vogue, without detaching it from the ethnic roots of culture.

Another added benefit of cane is that it is eco-friendly. A regular dusting and an occasional varnish will maintain the luster and ensure the longevity of cane artifacts. It may indeed have been here as long as 2000 years ago, it may have carried little baby Moses all those years back but cane is still here and no matter how old it will never be outdated.                                                                                                                            

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