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Food is something that one cannot possibly live without. The very mention of the word ‘food’ harkens a watering mouth and a rumbling stomach. However, all people do not eat the same kind of food, diet differs from person to person depending on the place, the climate and health. Today people the world over are moved by a certain consciousness of what a particular kind of food can do to the health of a person. Hence we hear of the various diets many people try. There are the non-vegetarians, vegetarians, vegans and fruitarians.

Fruitarians follow a strict regime of eating only raw fruits. Apart from health reasons fruitarians choose this diet for some other weighty reasons like the fact that they do not like the idea of killing other living things for food. Today fruitarianism is more a life style and a holistic approach to better health and a better nutrition system. This diet strictly consists of raw fruits and seeds like pineapple, mango, melon, cashews, chestnuts and many more. The fruitarians usually avoid all kinds of cooked food as it causes, they say, unbalanced nutrition and all kinds of diseases.

The benefits of fruitarianism are varied and plenty. For starters, fruitarians develop a feeling of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. They are more resistant to illness and pain. Eating raw fruits helps maintain physical appearance, with enhanced beauty in skin, hair and nails. Following this diet allows complete detoxification and purification of the body cleansing the brain, respiratory system, digestive system, endocrine system, the cardio vascular system thereby balancing and harmonizing all body parts. For the figure conscious, the fruit diet effectively controls weight, moulds the body, fights cellulite and fat. What’s more, this diet helps one to overcome many shortfalls in the human character boosting one's confidence, developing a totally new attitude towards life.

As promising as frutarianism may sound, along side the many benefits that we may get from following this lifestyle, there are also some things that one may need to be aware. One of the many problems of this diet is the fact that fruit today is rather expensive, added to this is again the fact that fresh fruits are kind of difficult to come by due to shipping, post-harvest processing and refrigeration. Extreme fruitarian diet can cause deficiencies in some vitamins, protein, calcium, iron and even essential fatty acids. This diet and the food restrictions that prevail generally lead to hunger and binge eating and ultimately to severe weight loss.

The fruitarian says, "Fruit is a live food", they say that fruit has the 'magic of life', doctors and nutritionists the world over agree with the fact that people need fruit for a healthy life. Fruitarianism, therefore, is a promising lifestyle, though in the extreme form it may be harmful, careful and advised practice of this diet can produce a beautiful, strong and carefree you.

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