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If our favorite celebrities are at the risk of having bad hair days, despite having their personal stylist; what do mere mortals like us do? The beehive of curls may look nice on the ramp model, but in the practical world, you are the laughing stock!

In the real world, we can be subtle, wild or elegant, the choice is ours. The bottom line is you want to know how you can have an impressive personality or highlight your beauty with the perfect hairstyle. You could do all this with some useful tips, couldn’t you?

Do not fret if you are not blessed with long lustrous hair! On the contrary, long hair is passé. Soft bangs, layers and spunky hairdo’s are in vogue. You simply need to find hairstyles that suit your facial shape. Once you determine your facial shape, your hair type needs to be factored in. Once that is done, Voila! You are ready to dazzle the world. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

Determine a hairstyle that suits your face

We all come in different shapes and sizes; it is pretty much the same when it comes to your facial shape as well. You could be either or a combination of the following:

Oval Face: Your face is narrower than the temples at the jaw line, with a rounded hairline. The good news is that almost every hairstyle suits you. Lucky you.

Round Face: You look like cherubs. You have a round hairline and chin. Your face is widest between the ears and cheeks. A chin-length hairstyle accentuates a round face. Layer the top and side fringes make your face look narrower.

Heart-shaped Face: You gals are romantic at heart, for sure! Your face could be wide at the hairline and temples, narrowing to a delicate chin. Gentle wispy bangs and a chin-length bob can be splendid for your face.

Square Face: You are all about symmetry, aren’t you? You have a strong square jaw line and a square hairline too. You may want to consider having wavy hair, if you already have straight hair. It helps add a nice balance to your straight features.

Your hair type and texture are pivotal in zeroing in on the perfect hairstyle. If you have curly or wavy hair, it can be ironed to perfection. Alternately, if you have poker straight hair, you can perm them into cute curls. Hair coloring and hair products can do volumes for your hair. So if you have always wanted to have straight hair or vice versa, the possibilities are unlimited!

Interestingly, you can even go a step further and visualize your look. There are many beauty websites, where you can upload your photo and the applications illustrate different looks even before you actually style your hair! What would we do without technology?

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