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Water - Get Drunk

Can you imagine life on earth if there was no water? Definitely not. Water is a natural wonder – the best gift that God has bestowed on earth. Without water, life cannot be sustained. It is interesting to note that we can survive without food for a few weeks but we will only last a few days without water. Water is found everywhere, from the obvious ice covered regions to tropical areas and deserts, though not always in the same form and quantity. Water is basically needed by every form of life. Plants need water for photosynthesis and animals need it for consumption. It is the main habitat of aquatic creatures, insects and various microbes.

Two-thirds of the human body is made up of water. It benefits the human being in innumerous ways. Water is important for the human body as it ensures its smooth functioning. It acts as a blood purifier and helps to prevent diseases. It improves digestion and helps to flush out wastes from the body. Water helps weight loss and to maintain beautiful glowing skin. It hydrates the body, thereby improving the blood circulation which in turn assures the smooth functioning of the heart. Water therapy is the simplest natural method of curing diseases without the use of medicines. It is safe and free.

Agriculture is an activity which is totally dependent on water. Like humans, plants too would not survive without water and this would deprive animals and humans of food and nutrition. Water, therefore, forms the base of the entire food chain. It is involved in various natural processes and cycles. Water is continually moving through evaporation, transpiration, precipitation and runoff, which together constitute the Water Cycle. The environment would not be complete without a perfect water cycle which if tampered with creates an imbalance in the ecosystem.

Alas! Water is being horridly misused and polluted. With all the God given streams, brooks, rivers, springs, ponds, the oceans, don’t you think the world has enough water to last till eternity? Well, water water everywhere, not a drop to drink. The waters the world over have been inconsiderately turned into dumping grounds, the ecosystem is plagued by imbalance, large scale.

This wonderful gift, this natural wonder, this elixir of life is in danger of being taken away from us. It is about time that we wake up and take stock of the situation, we can with a little effort try to conserve and keep our waters clean and untainted. The future generations should be given a chance to have the benefit of this priceless resource and the freedom to that we have enjoyed with it.

Drink 16 or even 30 glasses of water a day but don’t let your tap run unnecessarily, your bath over flow or direct your fresh water supply to your garden. Use treated water for your plants.

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