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Solar Energy

As the human race progresses to find new technologies and developmental avenues new ways of energy resources are also found out. As conventional resources like coal, oil etc are exhaustible we have to now concentrate more on non-exhaustible energy resources like solar energy.

The heat and light from the Sun provides us with a non-ending source of energy which can be utilized in several ways. Solar power systems and photo voltaic systems are some of the methods to extract this form of energy. Most of the solar energy is converted in to heat and is used in solar water heaters and most recently it has begun to be widely thought of as a source to produce electricity.

There are two main categories in which we utilize solar energy. They are,

In many businesses solar energy is used mainly to improve efficiency, and to save money using simple methodologies in producing goods. In solar thermal power stations, solar collectors are used to collect sunrays. This heat is used to convert the fluid into high temperature. The steam generated from this fluid is used to rotate the turbine which produces electricity.

Photo voltaic cells can convert solar energy directly to electrical energy. Nowadays many of the developed countries are using photo voltaic systems to generate electricity which is cost effective.

Solar energy is also used for cooking purposes widely. In many of the African countries solar cookers made of cardboard and aluminium wafers are used.

In India and Sri Lanka, most of the houses make use of solar water heaters which can replace electric water heaters in cost and efficiency looking at a long term perspective. By using solar energy as a renewable energy resource, we can have a replacement for our non-renewable energy resources.


As solar energy is dependent on the sun’s rays, predicting the availability can become a challenge. Installation of these solar systems is primarily dependent on the location to ensure continuous availability of sun light.
As a whole, solar energy is an efficient resource which can be utilized to overcome the energy crisis that we are predicted to face. As a non polluting, easy to install and economical resource, promoting the utilization of solar energy worldwide shouldn’t be a task at all.
Maybe we could all just begin with our homes.

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