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Inculcating the Sense of Self-Employment in Indian Youth

Youth employment remains a major problem in every country including India, with its relatively larger population of people in their 20s and 30s, is no exception. Population explosion, development and increase in literacy levels ensure that a significant percentage of the youth are unemployed or underemployed. Every year, lakhs of graduates apply for and compete in national and state level examinations for jobs in the public sector, which is no longer the mass recruiter that it was a decade or two ago.

Though there has been virtually no research to measure the effect of self-employment on the long-term economy of a country, the general feeling is that it can only do good to it. Economic self-reliance can be driven only through self-employment and in diverse industries at that. The current trend in India which is mass employment in outsourced services might harm the country in the longer term with the country’s economy directly affected by that of the outsourcing country's.

Education is the foremost way of inculcating entreprenueurial values in children. The stress should not only be in self-reliance but also in honesty and ethics. Vision, which is what self-employment primarily requires, is not something that can be taught but, in the current education system, all the cards are not presented on the table. The student is not made aware of possibilities.

The Indian government's programs aimed at encouraging self-employment in the youth, especially in the small industries sector, are finding major takers in the rural sector. While basic education is good to have, qualities like creativity and innovation are not necessarily driven by schooling. However, the programs tend to be too old-school and the processes bureaucratic. The designing of programs should take into account the indigenous treasures different areas hold and their success lies in harnessing that. Making these programs attractive in terms of expected returns will see more takers.

There is a way that mass-employment in outsourced services can be turned into an opportunity. A large pool of the urban youth that are recent graduates and are relatively inexperienced need to be trained in order to work for those MNCs. The government can tap into this pool and offer to help them setup industries related to their basic education. Instead of completely switching careers, the youth can pursue their interests right into a life-long, satisfying career.

The psychological effects of being self-reliant, becoming masters of their craft, not having to work for a large, faceless corporation, a better status in the society are some of the advantages of being self-employed. The learning involved in the setup and maintenance of industries is sure to challenge and provide enough fodder for the bright minds of our youth.

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