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College Education in the UK

The United Kingdom is internationally renowned for the high quality of its educational establishments. Being home to the world famous Oxford and Cambridge Universities and about a hundred other universities and colleges of higher education, it is no wonder that it attracts a large number of overseas students.

Life in the UK for an overseas student
There are several factors that influence students to choose courses in the UK. Apart from gaining recognition anywhere in the world for holding a UK degree, many see it as a faster way to graduate. Courses generally last for three or four years and this is seen as an advantage for foreign students from countries where courses may often last much longer.
The UK is also seen as a comparatively safer place to stay, offering a wide variety of options and experiences to students. Many cities are highly cosmopolitan and provide good exposure to a host of other cultures. It is also a place of contrasts - where historical buildings mix with the latest contemporary architecture.

People coming to the UK to study are also likely to develop good language skills. English is arguably the most important language in today's global business world. By getting immersed in life in the UK, one is certain to develop and hone their language skills each day, chatting to friends, attending seminars and lectures and just being out and about.

Gearing up to study in the UK
Many universities and colleges will want you to have a qualification in English or to take a specified test in English in case it is not your first language. This will demonstrate to the university or college that you will be able to cope with the standard of instruction during the course and your studies in general.

The process of finding more information about a specific course or college has never been easier -since most of it is now available on the internet. The Universities and Colleges Admissions Services (UCAS) publish a handbook listing all universities, colleges and courses (over 100,000!). Once a course/college combination has been selected, an application needs to be submitted to UCAS.

Applications can be sent by post or completed online for a maximum of six courses (which may be at six different universities). The University year usually starts in October but applications are accepted from 1st September of the previous year until the 15th of January.
It is also very important to check the entry requirements to the UK. Students from countries outside the European Union will need to obtain a student visa. Present educational qualifications also need to be compared against the requirements of the selected course & college. A British Council in the country of residence is probably the best place to do this. An online resource is also available at www.naric.org.uk. The tuition fees are independently set by colleges and universities. This information is generally available on the concerned college’s website.

You can even find an education consultant in your city who will support you right from choosing your course and college to all the paperwork and visa formalities. Most of them dont charge for their services. The only money you will spend is on sending the application and your preliminary work like visa fees etc.

The cost of accommodation is another factor for many students when deciding which university to attend. Following ‘acceptance’ by a college, students are advised to apply for a place in a hall of residence or other college accommodation. A large number of students also rent privately owned apartments. The general costs of living vary considerably between provinces and major cities so it would be advisable to consider that before making a final decision. All universities also have a huge variety of societies & clubs generally organized by the students’ union or council. Many also have excellent sports facilities.
The UK not only provides high class education to help build a successful career path but also helps create a well rounded individual by broadening his opportunities and outlook.

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