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Ten Most Popular Mascots Ever

Mascots have for over a century been lucky charms for those they represent. From ‘Gattu’ to ‘Burger King’, thousands have come and gone over the years captivating millions appearing either as Mario, the video game prodigy or as a ‘common man’ flying by air.
And though it is a task to rate these enchanting mascots, the ten most popular mascots ever:

1. The position on top has long been occupied by the most popular and memorable mascot of all times – ‘Mickey Mouse’, who made his first appearance in 1928 in the cartoon ‘Steamboat Willie’. The legendary rodent who represents Disney is the most recognizable mascot ever and is famed worldwide.

2. Not far behind is the one and only ‘Ronald McDonald’, who was first spotted on a flying hamburger in 1966. He has since sold billions of burgers and is one of the most well known faces ever. The clown today can be seen almost throughout the world, reminding us of the delicious McDonald’s burgers.

3. ‘Poppin’ fresh; made his debut in 1965 for Pillsbury. His catchy giggle has since spread through the continents. Now better known as the ‘Pillsbury Doughboy’, Poppin’ fresh has come a long way and is known for popping up at random houses and praising the wonderful flavor and texture of Pillsbury dough products.

4. No breakfast in complete without Kellogg’s cornflakes and ‘Tony the Tiger’. He’s been around since 1952 and still maintains ‘they’re gr-r-reat’. Loved by people of all ages, he now hawks much more than the Frosted flakes he started out with.

5.  The creation of a 14 year old schoolboy in 1916, ‘Mr. Peanut’ has been the logo and mascot for Planters Peanuts and the face of Snack Foods for a long time. A peanut with arms and legs, who later received a top hat, monocle, and a walking cane is an image always associated with the Planters.

6.1989 saw the birth of the ‘Energizer Bunny’. The cool bunny wearing sun glasses and beating a drum, has since been the mascot for Energizer batteries which “keeps him going, and going, and going.”

7. ‘Joe Camel’ set out on the mission to recruit new smokers back in 1987, when smoking was still considered ‘cool’. The mascot for Camel cigarettes had to retire in 1997 after allegations that he was way too ‘cool’ for the teenagers.

8. ‘Geoffrey the giraffe’ has been around since 1960 still insisting that “I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys “R”Us Kid”.

9. ‘Oh yeah’ says ‘Kool-Aid Man’. Formerly known as the ‘Pitcher man’, he’s been around since 1954.

10. And not to forget the geeks world over who shall remember ‘Tux’ the penguin as the face of Linux.

They hold a special place in our lives, may it be sports or college or just the new software on the block. Many have been forgotten, but a few have ingrained themselves into our memories, to be loved and remembered.

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