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Tech Parks in Bangalore – Paradise and Growing

Bangalore, The Silicon valley of India, has done us proud in the field of Information and Technology. We have an enormous number of tech parks in Bangalore fuelling the growth of India’s economy and the world’s. Some of them who have won us the crown are:

International Tech Park Bangalore
Built on 2, 00,000 sq.ft. , it has over 145 companies with over 20,000 employees working for them. ITPB even boasts of its own 5-star hotel. It has also been conferred with the title of the Best Power Plant of Asia. ITPB has luxurious facilities and amenities that make it one of the sophisticated plants in Bangalore and the world.

Electronic city
Electronic city is an industrial area spread over 332 acres housing many of the giant software companies.   It houses over 100 IT and electronic companies that employ more than 30,000 personnel. It is one of the oldest industrial establishments in Bangalore.

Bagmane Tech Park
It is one of the latest eco-friendly software tech parks in Bangalore housing some of the most prominent IT companies like Oracle, Motorola, Cognizant and many more. It consists of 10 large buildings with excellent infrastructure facilities.

Manyata Tech Park
Standing proud on a more than 100 acre expanse, houses 10 to 12 huge buildings occupied by some of the most prominent companies in the world. Built at par with world class standards, Manyata has excellent infrastructure and support facilities to cater to the needs of the IT giants.

Global Village
Spread over 110 acres of greenery, Global Village has luxurious facilities to support software firms. 12 kms away from the city, on the Bangalore-Mysore highway, Global Village is fast becoming the hub of more and more IT companies.

There are many more tech parks in Bangalore with state-of-the-art infrastructure at par with international standards like Ecospace, Vikas on the outer ring road and Embassy Golf Links on the inner ring road to name few more. These software hubs not only provide employment to the masses but also are a vital factor in the growth of the economy. It has put India and Bangalore in the world map today. Senior officials working for a software giant say they see a bright future for their companies in terms of potential and prospects in Bangalore.

The international tech parks in Bangalore have brought in a new wave of living in the city. It has led to the creation of new malls and shopping hubs that are frequently visited by the IT professionals to splurge their hefty salaries. It has led to an economic boom in Bangalore making it the most preferred work destination for tech employees across India and even the world.

Although a lot of the companies are recession hit presently, steps needs to be taken so as to minimize the after effects of recession and bring them back to normalcy. In the near future, India is predicted to be the world’s best in terms of international tech parks and advancements in the field of information and technology. Bangalore is sure to top the list when it comes to state-of-the-art tech parks.

The pensioners’ paradise turned employers’ paradise.

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