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Post Its - Stick to the Agenda

Remember Guy Pearce in the movie Memento? He suffers from 'short term memory loss' and makes use of tattoos and notes to keep himself up-to-speed. Well, in his case it was quarter of an hour, so he had to use a very methodical and systematic way to retain information for those few minutes. Nevertheless, what stops us - normal people from making our lives uncomplicated? ‘Post Its’ those sticky little notes, make life so much easier.

An Easier and Cheaper Substitute
I recently wrote my exams and what exasperated me most was to see girls using their palms as notepads to scribble information they wanted to remember and grumble later as sweat auto-erased their important data from the ‘nature note pads’.

Post Its are an easy and cheap substitute as compared to palms, mobile reminders, computers etc., as some of these are not viable to use everywhere and for everything. All you need to do is to stick it on your wall, documents or any place on which your eyes are most likely to fall. Put it up on your bathroom mirror to remind yourself to brush before going to bed or on the kitchen wall to wear an apron before cooking and so on. Innovative isn’t it? Just be a bit vigilant because sometimes we do look but don’t notice.

The Brain behind the Sticky Note
Many of us would say that it’s not a big deal as it’s a petty invention with an already invented paper and glue (3-inch (76 mm) square paper with an adhesive strip on the back).

Dr. Spencer Silver and Dr. Art Fry invented this silly looking, unsophisticated and yet practical piece of paper. Post Its are much better than thumbtacks which most of us have been a victim to. 

Dr. Silver, a scientist while working at 3M labs was trying to develop a strong glue but eventually ended up with a weak one instead. Later, a colleague of his, Dr. Art Fry used this glue behind book markers to stick in his hymnbook and voila! that’s how our present day Post Its were born.

Interesting ways to use Post Its

Digital Post Its
Inspired by paper Post Its, there’s also a software today that permits you to save notes, put reminders, messages with photos etc. However, the only disadvantage being that it is only limited to a computer and cannot be used elsewhere.

Today, Post Its are a very popular and basic piece of office stationery. There’s a funny saying, “Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don't have film.” But not to worry anymore, grab Post Its and save yourself from the trouble.

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