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Flexible Employment                                       

In the recent years, the market has witnessed remarkable changes in the choice of peoples working pattern. There has been a huge turn out from work by men in particular at a very early stage in their career. Flexible employment opportunities are in high demand and find their way into the choice of many. Men either opt for an early retirement or they also find it difficult to re engage themselves in careers at the age of 50s to 60s after ‘being laid off’ to ‘being shown the pink slip’. A sudden exit, an unexpected departure or a drastic changeover in the technicality or resources in the nature of work in which the younger labour masses are more well qualified, tend to make the older work force choose alternative prospects. Thus Flexible employment opportunities are in high demand and find their way into the choice of many, reasoning to be a great economical and practical choice.

What is Flexible Employment?
Flexible Employment also casually known as flexitime or flex-time is a kind of employment which is in contrast to the traditional working scenario where one can have variable work timings unlike a regular 9 to 5 standard attendance. Men and women who wish to balance work and home and earn a steady income opt for flexible working opportunities. The different kinds of flexible employment would include working from home either involving paper work or on the World Wide Web. Further flexible employment opportunities consist of job-sharing, part times jobs, and other employment schemes with easy and flexible policies. Flexible employment thus is focused not only on the older generation which are in the bridge gap from unemployment to retirement age , but also for students, housewives and those looking for an alternative source of income.

Recent Research Findings

Malcolm Wicks, the minister of state for Pensions in the UK has said that the goal of the Government is to outlaw age discrimination and introduce policies for flexible retirement. He said that “Too many people are indeed "out of work in the pre-retirement period".  And the cost to companies and the UK economy is high.” 

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