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Selling Web Analytics to Your Organisation

One of the bigger challenges I have faced with customers is to derive buy-in to Web Analytics. Some customers have heavy investments into traditional marketing and little web presence. One of the key responsibilities for a web analyst is to educate all stakeholders to help adoption. The awareness program starting from the top management should percolate to the middle management landing at the ground level web team. It is easy for your KPI’s to be ignored, hidden between the numerous other reports and lost in mail boxes. It would be swept under the carpet as long as it does not involve their participation and are not tied to their performance. Here are some techniques to kick start your analytics awareness campaign:

No bare numbers
Always show trends over a period of time than bare numbers. Also, have clear benchmarks derived from baseline data against which performance can be measured.

Use lots of Graphs
It’s easy on the eyes and mind to see a report on total visitors over the past 6 months over a graph than a spray of numbers.

Communication X 3
It’s a futile exercise to churn out numbers and reports which will end up wasted in somebody’s drawer. Weekly, monthly and quarterly review meetings are the key. Shout at the top of your voice when you find interesting trends and data.

Tie data with revenue
One sure way to turn heads is to tie data to business performance and revenue. Though organizations fervently guard such figures, find other indicators to show the business and revenue impact.

Give them ammo
Don’t just provide organization level KPI’s but break it down to division/vertical/industry levels. Identify key stakeholders and give them specific reports they can chase their managers with. 

Include analytics into employee performance
One of the most creative ways to have web teams take notice of your reports and use them is by pushing them into their performance appraisals. Coax them to participate in your reports.

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