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Hiring a Web Analyst

As Web and Data Analytics drives into prime time focus and faster adoptability across organizations the big question remains - How to hire the right skills? What follows is an attempt at understanding how the valley of expectations can be bridged.

‘Web Analytics’ remains a confused thought and needs more work from practitioners to clear the dust. Most people starting out unfortunately gravitate towards tools and data, some due to misinformation and others due to lack of opportunity. A search on a job site for “Web Analyst” threw up resumes with almost all claiming data collection and tool proficiency. A search for ‘Clicktracks’ and ‘Webtrends’ also threw up almost the same results.

Career Options
There are primarily two paths to choose in a Web Analyst career but steering down any one without enough reasoning could end up disastrous. It goes without saying that keeping the analytics tools working and churning out numbers constitute the basics. Servers and especially analytics software are quite fickle by nature and require good hands to keep them well oiled. Dissecting log files, weeding out unwanted data and configuring and tweaking the tools are the foundation of a good report but not confined to this. Unless a seasoned analyst consumes this data and spins remarkable stories the numbers are garbage.

Web Analyst Skills
Rephrasing the term Web Analytics to Web Site performance would be more appropriate. Businesses want people who can study the numbers, analyze and recommend action. A good understanding of business and website goals to map this data and reach desired performance is the ultimate goal.

Organizations look for the following skills and experience:

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