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About Us

  1. What is Word Quotient and who are the people behind it?

Word Quotient is a global firm aimed at providing a spectrum of creative writing and translation services. Word Quotient began operations in September 2007. While Bangalore is home to Word Quotient, we prefer a virtual existence and each team member works from the comfort of their homes and computers. We have a dedicated team that is spread across the world from Bangalore to Paris, Dubai, London, Hong Kong, Nairobi and North East India.  Read more about us.

  1. I know about outsourcing but why should I outsource my services to Word Quotient?

Word Quotient today has more that 30 writers on board, each of whom specializes in a particular genre of writing. Our writers have impeccable writing skills and an eye for detail. The global experience of our writers gives them a better understanding of traditional, social and political threads that run across countries, making them the most suitable to provide world class treatment to your content.

  1. What kind of expertise and experience does Word Quotient have?

The writing team at Word Quotient is a well webbed network of talented writers. Our team is the organizations spine, characterized by an unrelenting hunger to learn and deliver the best. We began working as a team in 2007 and prior to that we have worked on multiple writing projects across industries.

  1. I’m convinced and I have a project to outsource. How do I start?

We would love to work on your project. Do send us the details via our Contact us form or write to sneha.mohan@wordquotient.com and we will get back to you in 24 hrs.

  1. Where can I see a sample of previous work?

We can send you relevant samples upon request. Additionally, our library is well stocked on various topics for a glimpse into our work and remember our library is only the tip of the iceberg.

  1. Does WQ do one time projects, even if they are small in size?

Our mission at Word Quotient is to make sure the best writing reaches far and wide while transforming individuals and organizations alike. So we do work on projects of varied sizes whether they are one time or small projects.

Our Services

  1. What are the services that Word Quotient offers?

With an aim to touch upon every bit in the writing world we offer Creative writing, Business Writing, Proofreading, Ghost writing, Script writing and Translation as our primary services. We offer sub services under each of these heads and provide French, Japanese, German, Korean and Chinese translation and are currently working on a Japanese translation project for a multinational company. For more details take a look at ours services.

  1. What if I already have the content and only want it improved?

We can refashion your content, drape it and present it to your audience the way you want. Our writers can also help collate information from the sources you provide and remodel the content.

  1. What is the assurance that I will get the desired result?

You are free to send us a test project if you are not convinced with the sample we sent you. This test project will be treated as a regular project and we will raise an invoice at the end of it. Alternatively, you can send us one topic and we can write you a free sample of 500 words. Anything longer than 500 words will need to be paid for.

  1. Can Word Quotient handle multiple content requirements from my company?

Yes, we have a team of excellent writers who have the expertise in the services we offer. This broadens our spectrum of capabilities to handle multiple requests.

  1. Can the Word Quotient team work on all industries/verticals?

Word Quotient has to its credit its own history of wide-ranging projects giving it the rich experience it has today be it in any industry/vertical from publishing houses, software, mobile technology, finance, pharmaceutical, real estate, travel & tourism, energy & utilities to online media & journalism.

  1. Does Word Quotient charge extra for revisions?

Revision of content is usually done at a subsidized rate in comparison to writing. This  holds good only for content not written by us or content which has come back to us more than 3 months after a project delivery and completion. Revisions for content written by us are done free during the course of the project and within 3 months of its completion.

  1.  How do I know that the content delivered to me is original and plagiarism free?

Word Quotient takes well-rounded care of your content requirements from content creation, editing, proofreading to copyscaping. This process assists us in ensuring that the content delivered to you is original and plagiarism free.

8. What  process do you follow once you receive the details of my project?
Once we receive the details of your project we follow these steps:

  • Requirement capture
  • Putting the appropriate team together
  • Team interacts with you to make sure the project is along your expectations
  • Setting internal deadlines
  • Proofreading
  • Run the project through Copyscape
  • Project Delivery
  • Client sign off

Rates and Billing

  1. How and when do I pay WQ for the service rendered?

We accept PayPal payments and provide you an invoice, at the end of each project.

  1.  How much do I pay for the various writing services?

    The appropriate quote for each project is provided once we have all the information on your requirement.

Ownership and Confidentiality

  1. Who owns the copyright of the content that Word Quotient writes?

You, as our client hold the copyright to the content we create for you.

  1. Does WQ have a confidentiality and non- compete agreement?

Yes, we have a confidentiality, non-compete agreement and non-disclosure agreement which can be signed upon client request.

How to start

  1.  When should I outsource?

Content requirements vary from time to time not only across organizations or industries but also within them. The decision to outsource would depend on the degree of specialization required, availability of time, and also the duration of the requirement.

  1. What kind of writing services can be outsourced?

Almost every kind of content/creative writing service can be outsourced today from editing or ghost writing to script writing to a personal or corporate blog.

  1. How will I know that I need to outsource?

The need to outsource will depend on the level of specialization needed to accomplish the task, as well as the frequency of the requirement and the availability of time.

  1. Can content alone help build my brand?

No and yes as content in its right form will give your company/services the facelift it needs. But to build your brand, you need to keep it fresh and versatile. Regular updates will help increase the longevity of your site/blog.  Another, booster for a strong brand is content that ranks high on search engines and offers more than what your audience expects. Word Quotient helps you create content that is SEO-friendly. Content for print is another game altogether. Contact us to know more.

  1. What is the response time on an enquiry?

At Word Quotient we respond to enquiries within 24hrs.

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