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Our Work Culture

We believe in the power of the internet enough to have established Word Quotient entirely on it. The internet has provided us the platform to create a 100% virtual organization which means all of us work from home, coffee shops, book stores, pubs or wherever we are or is convenient. As long as you have an internet connection you are at work at Word Quotient. Ours is a flat organization with brilliant minds and creative ideas colliding ever so often. We are young and know to make work fun but at the same time we are mature and businesslike where it counts, we never take work lightly and passion, dedication and integrity is what we nurture and encourage.

All the great minds at Word Quotient today have been around long enough to tell you that this is as good as it gets. You will never feel like you are at work because you’re in your area of interest and passion and there are few limitations when it comes to time and creativity. There are no overnight deadlines and bureaucratic processes. We are involved in a project till we know there is nothing more we can do, we are perfectionists at work.

We work on the basis of trust so don’t bother about your check-in and check-out time. To put it straight once you’ve been assigned a project and a deadline, you’re expected to turn in quality and on time. You won’t have to keep account of how few or many hours you spent working, picking up groceries, were on Facebook or chatted with friends.  

We have established simple but effective processes and systems in order to keep the engine running as an organization. With our belief rooted in freedom and creativity we have tried to keep them as straightforward as possible without compromising on the merriment.

We would love to have more of you join us. Commitment, passion, integrity, talent and the most important part, your attitude is all you need to bring with you.

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