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New Writers - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a writer at Word Quotient?
To become a writer with us you simply need to write into us at careers@wordquotient.com with your resume and a sample of your work.

How do I establish that I am an excellent writer?
You can send us the best samples of your work and your updated resume to show us your capability. You can send us your blog, samples as email attachments or links.

What sort of projects can I expect?
Based on our understanding of your areas of expertise from your resume and samples, we assign projects to you. You can volunteer to work on projects in other areas as well, as long as you undergo the required training.

Do I have to sign a contract with Word Quotient or your client?
No, as a freelancer the only document you will need to sign is an NDA for Word Quotient.

I am new to freelancing, how do I go about this?
No problem, just write into us with your resume and a sample of your work if you have one. If you don’t have a sample we will send you a topic that you can write on so we know your style as a writer. Once we receive your sample you are assigned projects based on the skill you have shown in the sample. And that’s the start to your freelance career.

Can I choose the projects I work on?            
Yes, when a project is assigned to you, you can choose if you want to work on it or not.

How will work be assigned to me?
Once you have fulfilled the selection criteria, your name and skills are registered on our team of freelance writers. When a project comes in, if your skills are a fit then the project manager will contact you to work on the project.

How many projects can I work on simultaneously?
The number of projects you want to undertake is entirely upto you. If you are an excellent writer and has never missed a deadline you will be on the priority list which means you will be among the first to be contacted when a suitable project comes in.

What payment can I expect as a freelancer? How do you make payments?
Payment varies from project to project and as a fair practice we discuss all payment terms before you start a project. We make payments through online bank transfer.

Will I get any feedback/recognition on my work on a particular project?
You will receive client feedback as well as feedback from your project manager be it for the great work you did or for improvement. Recognition comes in the form of a promotion, depending on the quality of work you deliver and your committment levels you can be promoted to a project manager.

Who will I be reporting to/working with?
You will be assigned a project manager depending on what your skills are. During a project you will report and work with that project's manager.

What are growth prospects for me at Word Quotient?
If you show high levels of integrity and dedication along with superior work quality and you have worked with us for a period of 6-12 months then you will be promoted to a project manager. From there you can go on to be senior project manager and then director.

Will I have to interact with clients directly?
No, you won’t have to talk to clients until you are a Project Manager.

Will I be provided any training for improving my skills?
Yes of course, if you show promise and want to expand your skill set we will definitely offer you an opportunity to undergo training.

Where can I get to know more about Word Quotient?
You can read more about us, follow us on twitter, join our group on Facebook or Linkedin or you can even write to Sneha at sneha.mohan@wordquotient.com.

I’m a foreign national. Can I join as a writer with Word Quotient?
Yes, of course you can. We are not limited by nationality, time zones or geography. We have many writers from around the world working with us currently.

Can I share my WQ samples or work experience for getting another job?
Yes, you can but with prior approval from Word Quotient.

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