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Hello Writers!

You have an unquenchable desire to write and a deep sense of belongingness in the English language and its beautiful literature. You are an avid reader who can sink into a big old couch on a rainy day with a book and feel the need for nothing else. You get out of bed in the middle of the night to write down the two beautiful lines that came to your mind. You spend an entire day in the aisles of a book shop. Nature inspires you as does melancholia, yours or another’s. Your library at home always has more books than you can read. Your bedside table has more books than you can read. You are part of a book club or have always wanted to be. You have your own blog because you believe in the power of words enough to share it. You believe in the power of words so much that you are convinced that it can be your livelihood.

If this is you, write to us at careers@wordquotient.com or here.


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