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User Manual Writing Services

User manual writing involves providing clear instructions on how to perform actions on a device or a software application. The persistent question is, how can we write an effective user manual? As the name suggests, the manual is for the user. That’s why when we at Word Quotient take up user manual writing, we make it a point to understand the following about the user:

  1. Who will read this manual? Remember that age, sex, region, etc will determine the tone of the manual
  2. Why does the user need the manual?
  3. What does and does not the user already know? This will determine the scope of the manual.
  4. How does the user want the information to be presented; as a printed manual or as a web-based help integrated with the software?

Once we have answers to the above questions, we start the user manual writing process with the Table of Contents.
Outsource user manual writing to Word Quotient.

The effectiveness of a user manual depends on the clarity of instructions. To achieve this, our user manual writing services involves keeping in mind the following principles:

  1. We begin every instruction with an action word, i.e., a verb. For example: Press Enter … Click Submit etc
  2. We address the user as either You or User and maintain consistency
  3. We use activevoice in the instructions; it will help contain confusion
  4. We don’t forget toKeep It Short and Simple; simpler the instructions, easier it is for the user to follow. Also, we keep in mind that it will reduce localization costs
  5. We ensure concisenessand precision by restricting the length of instructions – one sentence for each action that the user is expected to perform
  1. We maintain accuracy. Crosscheck with the application, if required
  2. We ensure consistencyin the words/names and style used; it will ensure user-orientation of the manual
  3. We use illustrations, graphics or images wherever required.

Having adhered to the above principles, we also include the standard components before designing a manual.


  1. Front page - can either be a title page or a cover page, depending on the length of the manual
  2. Draft revision history
  3. List of tables and figures, if required
  4. Contents page
  5. Introduction explaining the conventions, abbreviations and acronyms used
  6. Task chapters
  7. Appendix
  8. Glossary
  9. Index

We believe that the user manual writing process is not complete unless the manual is tried and tested – we try the instructions ourselves and test them against the software or device.

Outsource user manual writing to us today.


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