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Press Release Writing Services

Press release writing is not as easy as any other form of writing. Before we go on to explain how we write a good press release for you, it is essential to comprehend what a press release is and how it will benefit your business. In brief, a press release is a quasi-news story, usually written in third person, seeking to express to a journalist the contemporaneousness of a specific individual, occurrence, service or product.
Outsource press release writing to Word Quotient.

Our professional press release writing services will bring you plenty of free promotions or media hype, but on an average a journalist receives hundreds of such pamphlets every day. The moot point is to ensure that your press release is good enough to grab their attention and stimulate the journalist to write a good story favoring your cause. On the contrary, if the matter you send to the media is an advertisement in the form of a press release, be sure to receive a call from their sales department enquiring if you would be interested in publishing an advertisement.

Press release writing that is newsworthy
As a business owner, you may want several things about your company to be publicized. It could be the launch of a new product, your company’s fiscal results, your business expansion plans and projects, new collaborations or even the appointment of a top executive. Normally, these are the most common topics covered in a business press release, but are they really newsworthy to the journalist or the reader? Usually, there are no straight answers to this question and the media often being a skewed and capricious trade; it is difficult to ascertain what would attract their attention and what would be spiked.

Our press release writing team can still initiate measures that would not only enable you to evade the gamble, but somewhat also ensure that your press release is dealt by the media with some regard. While the title of a press release is of utmost important to draw the attention, first of the media and then your target audience, the Word Quotient press release writing team believed that the document should also essentially be newsworthy. Always remember that no one will read a press release unless its subject is newsworthy or concerns the reader, including journalists. Therefore, what we do is, explain how your event has an effect on other people, including your clients, other firms, the local citizens, your country and the world at large.

The “why” in a press release
Launching a new product or making a substantial profit maybe immense value to you, but how does that concern others? In effect, you need to think beyond the end of your nose and substantiate why news relating to your business is also important for others. We, at Word Quotient always bear in mind that though the basic idea of press release writing is to acquire publicity for your company, it is essential to provide the journalists with story ideas or viewpoints required by them to entice their readers, listeners and viewers. We realize how essential it is to provide answers to pertinent questions such as 'who', 'what', 'when', 'where' and 'how' while writing a press release.

While press release writing we remember to:

  • Use catchy headlines that would help the reader to decide whether they want to read it further
  • Emphasize your point in the first paragraph itself and state facts in a simple and straight forward manner sticking to the facts. We never use unnecessary clichés or technical jargons
  • Avoid using ‘I’ or ‘We’ always use the third person to write the press release
  • Use ‘active’ and not ‘passive’ voice. Avoid hype and be economic with words
  • Proofread the press release to ensure that there are no spelling errors, typos or grammatical mistakes
  • Provide maximum contact information at the end of the press release, including the name of the individual who can be contacted, phone, fax, email, address, and the website URL

Outsource press release writing to Word Quotient.


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