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About us

We are young and full of dreams. Bursting at the seams with ideas and impatiently waiting to implement years of creativity. Big Hairy Audacious Goals or BHAGs, to quote Jim Collins in Built to Last is what a strong foundation of passion, hard work and focus has landed us with.

Our globally spread team is evidence of our belief in maximising global talent.
Needless to say, we are a group of diverse people from different walks of life with not so similar schools of thought but share the same passion – writing.

The team at Word Quotient loves to write, has a keen eye for detail and is multi-lingual.
At the end of the day, we all hit the pillow mentally consumed, creatively stretched and smiling.

Core Team

Sneha Mohan
Founder & CEO
Bangalore, India
Sneha realized her love and audience for her writing early as a school going student. After a long break she began weaving her thoughts into poems and short stories giving vent to the aspiring author within. Back in the real world, she is a Communicative English graduate who worked as an English Language Enhancement Trainer with NIIT and then as a Content Writer for Flatworld Solutions before joining America Online in the Search Editorial team. The calling to be a writer was deafening and led her to plunge into the risk to give up a full time job and pursue her lifelong ambition. She partnered with Arun and started Word Quotient in 2007.

Co-Founder & Mentor
Bangalore, India
10 years of experience on the web, Arun is an indispensable arm of Word Quotient. He has worked with multiple startups at the dawn of his career giving him the advantage of being an organization on his own with his compendium of skills. He doles them out in perfect proportions everytime we run to him.

Mrunal Garde
Manager – Talent

Paris, France
Mrunal, a good listener with a polite tone and honeyed voice is the rare yet ideal masthead for our human resources division. Her highly organized and innovative style of working has eased painstaking processes into seamless actions. Mrunal has a Masters in Personnel Management from Pune University and 6+ years experience in the field of HR across Manufacturing and IT industries. Her gusto to remove a crease and get the job done well ceaselessly enhances the growth of talent at Word Quotient.

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